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"How do you expect to live off of hopes, dreams, and acid?"

- (via overheard-at-school)

"My only weaknesses are frogs and lockers."

- (via overheard-at-school)

"The weather’s so beautiful—perfect for murdering."

- (via overheard-at-school)


"I’m moving to the south side [of Chicago]"


"To fuel my crack cocaine addiction"

"Aren’t horses related to squirrels?"

- (via overheard-at-school)

(via rainbowsoundwaves)


following back tons


He finally grew into that bow tie


"I urge you to please notice when you are happy."

- Kurt Vonnegut (via ariesgrrrl)

(via havingthecouragetostandup)

Me when someone plays with my hair: can you do that for the next 12 years thx

"Suddenly he was inside the radius of her perfume and kissing her breathlessly."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, First Blood  (via velveteeendreams)

(via bringsthesunshine)



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My brother made such a long high pitch squeal noise when I showed him this picture.